The three main types of shade in your garden.

Although there is a wide variety of types of shade, the blocking of sunlight, and many words used to describe the shade in our gardens, heavy, light, semi-shade, temporary, permanent, moderate shade, dappled, deep, partial and full.

Out of the wide range of areas of garden shade, there are three main types of shade in the garden, these being full permanent, temporary partial and dappled.

Full Permanent Garden Shade.

Areas beside tall buildings, the borders in front of north side walls, the areas under dense tree cover such as beech, overgrown shrubbery and conifer hedges. These are the challenging areas in the garden which receive no direct sunlight and will have quite a dry soil due to the overhang of a building or foundations taking the moisture from the soil. The ground under evergreen shrubs suffers from the same problems as the roots of shrubs and trees spread to the surface.

Temporary Partial Shade In Your Garden.

Areas that get half sun then half shade during the day. East and west facing walls, fences and areas beside large shrubs and hedges are areas of temporary or partial shade in the garden that are created as the sun moves across during the day. These areas are some of the best places to grow roses as they are guaranteed sun part of the day along with plenty of light the rest of the time.

Gardens With Dappled Shade.

Less common in small gardens, these areas with their diffused or reflected light, are common under trees or on the edge of woodland. Areas under trees such as the silver birch, which is a lightly branched and leafed deciduous tree, can suffer from dappled shade. These areas are quite deceiving as they can look relatively light but dappledĀ shade is a permanent shade so roses which need full sun will under-perform in these areas as they do not have the full strength of the sun which they need.