The Rose Gardeners Calendar For January

Gardening ideas and reminders for your rose garden in January.

Ideas for your rose gardening in January, from checking climbing rose wires and supports to keeping pot roses in your greenhouse.
  • If you have any new rose beds planned out that are to be planted in March, these can now be prepared in January.There is little to do in the established rose garden in January, as frosts are likely.
  • Check climbing roses that are growing on wires and supports, double check that the ties that are supporting them are still strong enough to hold them.
  • Keep the temperature of your greenhouse at four to seven degrees, if you are keeping pot roses in the greenhouse.
  • Check your autumn planted standards and bushes, make sure they have not been loosened by, either wind or frost. Firm back in if necessary.
  • If the weather is dry and your garden soil not freezing, planting can take place if you have free draining soil that is not heavy.