The Felicia Rose. Flowers from June to September with a strong fragrance.

A lovely pale pink rose with lots of heads. The Felicia rose is a hybrid musk shrub rose. An early flowering shrub rose which is a fantastic single specimen garden rose but can also make for either a lovely hedging rose or is ideal for cutting.

Bearing large clusters of sweet smelling blooms, the Felicia rose has a strong aromatic fragrance.

Bearing large clusters of sweet smelling blooms with a strong aromatic fragrance. The blooms are a hybrid tea style with a colour of silvery pink flowers deepening towards the centre. A good strong grower, the Felicia rose also has a plentiful supply of dark green foliage.

Has a good bushy spreading growing habit and will flower from June to September. The Felicia rose has a strong fragrance and is hardy. Repeat flowering with good disease resistance.

Picture Credit: Felicia © / A. Barra