Stihl Strimmers

Available through the major online retailers and directly from Stihl online and their own retail stores.

Models include:

FS 38
FS 40
FS 50 C-E
FS 55 R
FS 55
FS 56 RC-E
FS 56 C-E
FS 70 C-E
FS 70 RC-E
FS 94 C-E
FS 94 RC-E
FS 91
FS 91 R
FS 111
FS 111 R
FS 131
FS 131 R
FS 240 C-E
FSE 31
FSE 52
FSE 60
FSE 81
FSA 45
FSA 56 tool only
FSA 56 set
FSA 65 tool only
FSA 85 tool only
FSA 90 tool only
FSA 90 R tool only
FSA 130 tool only
FSA 130 R tool only
FR 131 T

Videos on different versions of the Stihl strimmers and brushcutters.

Brushcutter and strimmer parts direct from Stihl.

For brushcutter and strimmer parts direct from Stihl.

Stihl safety brochures, strimmer and brushcutter manuals.

Link to Stihl manuals.

Stihl Strimmer Head Spares and Parts Page.

Our own page on Stihl strimmer head spares and parts.