Stihl Strimmer Head Spares and Parts.

List of Stihl strimmer head spares for your Stihl strimmer.

AutoCut 25-2 Mowing Head For Stihl Strimmer.

AutoCut 25-2 Mowing Head for use on the following Stihl machines:
Stihl FS56, Stihl FS87, Stihl FS90, Stihl FS100, Stihl FS130, Stihl FR130 T and the Stihl FR480 C-F.
Stihl AutoCut C 5-2 Mowing Head With 2.0mm Line. Easy reload head which fits: Stihl FSE60 Stihl FSE81, Stihl FS38, Stihl FS40 (current model, not the previous old version), Stihl FS45 and the Stihl FS50.

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