Cornelia Rose – Trusses of small well-formed rosette shaped pink blooms.

Ideal for borders or hedges, Cornelia is a Hybrid Musk shrub rose. It is free flowering and produces trusses of small well formed rosette shaped rich apricot pink blooms which have a copper centre and are produced repeatedly throughout the summer and on into the autumn.

The Cornelia rose is ideal for hedges and is free flowering, repeating from summer through to autumn.

The clusters of small flowers are highly scented and flowering improves in the autumn. Blooms fade to a coppery pink with age.

A vigorous bushy plant having a healthy dark green, bronze foliage. Cornelia blooms from spring to autumn and is an excellent companion to herbaceous perennials.

It is hardy and has good disease resistance. Can reach 5 feet high and wide forming an arching shrub.

Picture Credit: Cornelia © / T. Kiya